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The Morgan Name

In a recently discovered pedigree of 1612, the Morgans of Tredegar claim that the family had assumed the surname soon after 1334, but the name had already been is use as a Welsh forename for many centuries. In "Welsh Surnames"* the authors note that the Old Welsh form of the name was "Morcant" thus implying that it was in use from at least the 8th century. It became Morgan in the medieval period although the authors note late variants such as Morgant, Morgaine and Morgraunt.

The Morgans had supported Owain Glyndwr's attempt to free Wales in the years after 1400 but by the 17th century they had long been closely associated with the aims of the English crown. In general, they supported the monarchist cause in the English Civil Wars and could expect little from the ensuing parliamentary regime. They had a long tradition of service overseas as soldiers and diplomats but for the first time some members of the dynasty had to consider the possibility of a kind of exile in distant lands. At the restoration of the monarchy in 1660 some of the Morgans returned to their homelands in Wales and lived to enjoy the fruits of their loyalty. Thomas Morgan was commemorated in a now lost church brass as "Most Faithful to his King, Most Dear to his Father, Most Courteous to All ... Who after sundry Journeys over the sea as far as the Indies exchanged Mortal for Immortal life ..." (in 1672). Henry Morgan of the Llanrhymney branch never returned to Wales, however, and was buried on the island of Jamaica.

By the time of the 18th and 19th century emigrations from Wales, Morgan had become quite widely used as a surname although, like many of the old Welsh names, it had become numerically insignificant by comparison with the Welsh surnames based on English and Biblical models.

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While I don't have concrete traces, the Morgan branch is rumored to trace back to Capt Henry Morgan, the pirate, and a Mohawk Indian Tribe. 

Ancestry Report for Edith Lorene Morgan